Services Available

Is My Project Feasible?

We can review your site or sites, and advise how you could develop it for the best return as well as considering the quality of the development that can be achieved on a site. You may want to see how much you could build and still comply with council’s new unitary plan. Perhaps you have more than one site in mind and you are planning your dream home, and would just like some independent advice as to the pro’s and con’s in each situation. We can do a short report or just meet you on site for a professional opinion.

Getting the Design Sorted

This is the most important stage of the project. If you can research images, an put a scrap book together of your favourite ideas that’s really helpful. We visit your site, take photographs and look at all the existing information available as well as doing a systematic briefing checklist to ensure we fully understand what you are trying to achieve. We then utilise our design skill to translate your aspirations into 3 dimensional forms. This form is a response to your wishes and the environment. People often find it hard to visualise a floor plan, so elevations and 3D views can bring your project to life.

Developing the Design

Once this preliminary sketch plan is done we then review your project in discussion with you. Meeting your preferences for style and budget are paramount to getting the project just right. It is also important to obtain independent cost information before proceeding further.

Designing sustainably is a key consideration in our world, and the design is always done with reference to the sun, heat, light and water consumption. To use our resources best we also need to future proof design work, this can be outworked in many ways, one of which is to consider accessibility not just for now but for future occupants.

A resource (planning approval consent) and/or building consent will need to be applied for. We are experienced with this complex procedure and seek to produce documentation that facilitates its way through council, and so costing you less in processing. The complexity of the project will determine the detail that is required at this stage. Small house alterations can generate as many drawings as much larger ones, due to council requirements.

Architects don’t profess to have detailed knowledge of all specialist building disciplines, however a major role is recognising when other skills are needed, and co-ordinating the contributions from other building professionals (engineers, building contractors etc.) into the building process.

If you use an architect you won’t necessarily pay more for your building than you would have otherwise. But it is highly likely that the end result will represent substantially greater value for money. The combination of design skills, plus technical expertise and management competence that architects as professionals are trained in, will likely provide satisfaction beyond expectations.

Further Construction Services

Architects are trained to provide overall project advice, from initial space planning through to organising the builder and administering the contract. So we can tender your project if you wish, providing advice on good builders to select, and ensuring everything is done as per plans. The degree to which your architect observes the building process will depend on the scope and complexity of your project.

We can provide you with a copy of Agreement for Architects Services produced by the NZIA which outlines the steps above more comprehensively. Suffice to say employing an architect on a full service contract from sketch plans to building completion ensures a lot less stress for you, and ensures that the most qualified person is making the right decisions every step of the way.