Featured Residential Project – Bungalow Addition

Perspective 1

The clients own an 1890 villa in a residential 1 zone in Onehunga. It’s largely original apart from a very out of keeping deck to the south. However with arrival of baby number three the three bedroom home has become very small, and urgently in need of extension. It has a lovely southern garden and as the owner says getting out there is more of an expedition than a trip to the local park!

The clients love their villa but wanted something new and funky, that would engage with their delightful tree filled garden. They needed more living space, and decided a small area was needed which could be a multi function space, TV room, study or even an impromptu guest space with a fold out divan.

There’s a light glassed bridge to connect the old and the new, a sun filled northern lounge opening onto a courtyard and best of all easy access to the garden. The kitchen is positioned just out of sight from guests descending the stairs but with good visual connection to the kids outdoors. The master has been moved to capture the lovely Manukau views with a small deck for late afternoon relaxing.

The design has had a resource and building consent and is under construction.