Featured Commercial Project – Medical Centre and Apartments

The client wanted to relocate their medical practise which operates out of a converted residential house and construct a purpose built facility. It is to cover a broader range of health care services for local residents and provide a welcoming homely environment.  Located in a residential zone (mixed housing urban) it has 2 apartments on top. These are designed to consider universal access principles. The site has an existing residential dwelling which is being relocated, so leaving a clear level site for the build.

The aim is to produce a building sympathetic to the brick and timber bungalows in the area, with careful landscaping and consideration of the residential users needs. It has sea views from the upper floor so great potential for producing very well appointed residential spaces. It is constructed using architectural masonry around the lower level and a plaster finished upper floor. Schist stone veneer features around the base of the building and in the stair atrium to add character to the building.

The medical centre has just completed a fairly rigorous resource consent application.